The New Normal!?!

I am short on words for the events of the last few weeks. Maybe, mind blowing is one....

I have been experiencing big shifts my entire life, physically and mentally. As a child, my parents moved around 8 times by the time I had turned 18 and I had as many schools. My husband and I haven't moved since 2003 but experienced other changes like buying our first home, birth of our two children, my mother-in-law moving in with us, the heartbreaking loss of my parents within a space of seven years and not to forget - accept & adapt to our own loss of our younger energetic selves :)

Huge unplanned changes like what we are experiencing currently can bring on a lot of grief. Having to let go of what we had taken for granted and adapting to new ways is a lot of work. Humans love their routines and ways of thinking and doing so we resist any change. We get very comfortable in our environment not realizing how impermanence life is creating our own suffering.

All these unplanned changes can bring on a ton of emotions, grief, anger, anxiety, fear, sadness and depression too. Feel the feelings, don't bottle them up. It takes a lot of time and patience but we do come to terms with it.

Unprocessed feelings can lead to physical illnesses too, in my humble experience. So it is very imperative to take some down time to processes everything.

The following articles have good tools and guidelines to deal with the current storm of our lives.

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