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What is Life Coaching ~

Coaching is a powerful two way tool, process and framework which can provide you clarity on any troublesome areas of your life to give you the satisfaction and fulfillment you desire, in a shorter span of time.


Like I mentioned on the home page, we can help you acheive focused results in a very collaborative, non-judgemental method using some creative questioning and other tools, peeling away all that is stopping you from reaching your desired dreams and goals. 


Here are a few external and trustworthy resources that can explain more about why, what and how of Life Coaching:


Huffington Post article with different scenarios: Why hire a Life Coach


Huffingtone Post: 10 Ways a Life Coach Will Make Your Life Awesome


Times of India, one of India's leading news outlets: Life coaches can help you figure out life lessons


International Coach Federation page describing benefits


A small demonstration~


Here's a small exercise to demonstrate the process and power: 


1. Think of something that has been bothering you to keep you awake at night or keeping you from doing what you love to do.


PAUSE and really really THINK about it.


2. When did it start bothering you?


3. How long has it been since it since it started affecting your daily activities?


4. Have you taken any constructive action towards reducing this bugger? 


4. How would you feel if it keeps bothering you another 3 or 6 months?


Frequently Asked Questions~


Is coaching therapy/counseling?

Life coaching is not therapy but is definitely therapeutic. Here's a helpful article differentiating the two.


Does Life Coaching need any special material or equipment?

Just a good pen, a notebook/journal to chart our journey and an open mind to changes. 


What if you need some urgent help?

Please don't hesistate to call and/or leave a message. We can definitely chat for about 10 minutes. 


Can we pursue multiple goals simulatneously?



When is a good time to start Life Coaching?

There's a quote which I couldn't agree with more.


"The best time was yesterday AND the next best time is TODAY."


Do check out the FAQs at International Coaching Federation (ICF) website, as well.  


If you have any additional questions, please email or call me. Contact info. is at the bottom of the page or use the form on Contact page.


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