The process of coaching:


  • The first session is a complimentary discovery & strategy session. We get to know each other and map where you are on your journey and where you would like to be. 

  • Coaching involves a lot of investigative non-judgmental questions seeking to find out who you are and what you would like to do. There are no right or wrong answers, they are YOUR answers.

  • Every human being is unique and they have their own set of skills, strengths, passions and weaknesses.

  • Also, with women sometime after mid-30s and early 40s, with hormone changes, especially after having kids, we tend to feel lost and seek directions. I have felt it and a lot of other women have told me the same.

  • If you live/play/work in the North Atlanta, USA suburbs, we can meet in person at a neutral venue of your choice. We can alternatively work on Skype or phone. It's your choice based on your comfort. 

  • In the next scheduled sessions, we can determine our path and how to traverse it using some of the empowering Life Purpose Institute's tools for Clarity and Results(c). We have the option to work worksheets to clarify our priorities, values, skills.

  • I will follow up using empowering emails.

  • In the forthcoming sessions, I will also hold you accountable for any action steps that we would have agreed upon.

  • We regularly check our progress towards the goals we have set up. 

  • All the sessions will be treated as highly sensitive and confidential.


In short, friendly + productive brainstorming to find your path.

An investment towards your happiness and peace ~ read why here.


Investment ~

The first discovery session is complimentary so we can get to know each other and confirm our compatibility!

The rate is $100 investment for roughly 60 minute session.

(I don't keep a timer on :)


3 sessions - $285

6 sessions - $540

Accepting Cash and PayPal.

If you can prove your low income need do contact Women for Change Coaching Community to check if you can qualify for subsidized coaching.

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