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I feel extremely honored and privileged that I have been trusted and given a chance to make a difference.

I have additional testimonials, along with contact information available on request. 


My heartful thanks,


Sona is very professional and she creates a very safe environment during the coaching session by being non judgmental and supportive. Although she can readily provide some very good advise, instead she asks questions and provide tools which allowed me to be introspect and begin meaningful changes towards a more fulfilling, balanced and happier life. I can already see the results within a short time. I highly recommend Sona as a life coach.


Runa, working Mom in NJ, USA

Having stayed home for a number of years after having kids, I needed help to go back to work. Sona helped me clear my doubts and build my confidence, with a positive attitude by giving me handouts that explored and clarified my long-forgotten passions, skills and interests. As a result, I was able to narrow down some exciting career options to pursue.  


Savita, Mom, choreographer, local personality in GA, USA

The Healthy Transitions group hosted by Sona is a safe space where I could take stock of progress and look at tools to work through the ups and downs of change. Her calm voice, prompting key questions of precision, guiding open discussions on wellbeing in a times of turmoil, is just a wonderful place of consciousness! Walking out of her group sessions one feels that little bit lighter and freer. This helped me in the first months after I moved back to the US from 15 years of living in Europe. Having lived in several different countries, I was well versed to adapting to and learning different cultures and languages, however what I’ve learnt in her groups was the added value of a community of strong women living through significant life changing events. I would highly recommend Sona to anyone thinking of change (before, during and after) and needing guidance along the way or at any stage. 


Jacy M., Mom, entrepreneur, GA, USA

I have been involved with Sona's life coaching sessions, while starting a new consulting business in Georgia. This start-up presented with many challenges and barriers. Sona was able to refocus my attention to cultural expectations and healthcare turbulence due to political climate in DC. This helped me to redirect my concerns from myself to the more accurate climate of social change in the work place today. Since participating in her coaching classes I have decided to go back to established healthcare venues and have been successfully interviewing for a new types of clinical positions. Thank you Sona.

Anna O., Clinical Pharamcist, MD

I have known Sona for over a year now. When she suggested me meet, I was a bit skeptical. I went with no expectations, Understand, that I have lost my faith in humanity. I have reached a dark, bottomless bit and wondered if there was any hope. I was blown away. She made me comfortable, and listened to everything, as I poured myself out. Mind you, she had arranged for a babysitter, in order to facilitate this meeting. We talked for a long time. I poured myself out. I felt a sharp penetrating light. (hope) Sona encouraged me to come to the meetings. I am uplifted every time I go. She has continuously texted and checked up on me. The light continues to shine and gets brighter every day. Sona is a caring, emphatic, loving and dedicated person and I wholeheartedly recommend her for anything she chooses; you will not be disappointed. Please contact me for anything you may need. Sincerely, Asha U.

Asha U., Mom and more, GA

My Dear Sisters, On a whim, and out of curiosity, a friend and I decided to attend a workshop called Women in Transition, which was led by Worthy Journey’s Life Coach Sona Tank. Neither of us knew what to expect, and we assumed it would be a one and done encounter. I cannot begin to tell you how much inner joy, peace and positive energy permeated the room that day. What I can tell you is that the experience was so powerful that I became a regular attendee. As a woman, I realized that the pressures of life had become overwhelming, and that I was no longer living life, but instead, wandering around aimlessly through it. There was a blind spot in my life that I did not know was there. The group sessions provided much needed emotional support from other women, and were eye-opening and cathartic. However, my greatest personal advancements came in my more intimate, in depth, one-on-one sessions, because they allowed for greater self-discovery. Sona provided me with resources such as the Life Wheel, writing prompts and reading materials that made me think about who I really am and what I really want out of life. She has helped me to identify and address my own needs, and taught me to rediscover the “me” who’d gotten lost inside of everyone else’s desires and dreams, and to take back my power. She has been a positive influence who has encouraged me to map out a “blue print” or a plan for the next day, or for my future in a healthy and measurable way by taking smalls step daily towards my life goals. It is very rare that you meet someone who is honest, genuine, and has a really positive and beautiful spirit. The light that shines in Sona has illuminated my life through her coaching and support. The benefits I have received from this partnership have been immeasurable to me as well as to my family. They have aided me in refocusing my energies and finding a direction that has been “tailor-made” for our bright futures. Sona has provided me with a safe-space, as well as a “pain-free and pressure-free” zone! Her coaching style has taught me many life lessons, and I’ve been encouraged to move forward and develop at my own pace towards a future that had previously been sitting idly, or frozen in my imagination. I’m excited to see what the future holds. May God’s grace be with you all.

Corrine, GA

Case Studies:

  • SB had great motivation and determination to return back to work after her kids were independent. Being out of the workforce for more than 10 years, she was not sure how and what to do. After 6 coaching sessions, we overcame some of her beliefs, bolstered her self-esteem and had narrowed to a few practical and realistic career possibilities that she is pursuing currently.


  • RB was about to launch her business but felt overwhelmed and burnt out since she had recently been divorced was essentially raising her kids all by herself. We helped her overcome her feelings and brainstormed a plan to meet her goals.


  • RRK felt stuck in her career and doesn't feel she is not being a “good” Mom to her kids. With some effective coaching we help her discover the root of the problems and make a comfortable action plan that will work for her.


  • CB was frustrated with her inability to follow her healthy routine in winter in the past few years though she was thriving otherwise. We worked on finding the beliefs and fears that were blocking her from doing so and made an action plan that she could follow with ease. Now we are conquering other little buggers.

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