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Sona Tank

I grew up in India and completed my education, majoring in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering from Pune University, India. I enjoyed and thrived working in Information Technology in India and USA, for more than 15 years. 


A few years back, with 2 kids under the age of 10, I was trying to walk the fine balance between personal and professional life. I had reached a point where I had absolutely no social life or hobbies, no personal time. After I lost my Mom unexpectedly, my grief counselor helped me re-evaluate my priorities and coached me back to what felt like a lighted path.


After I regained my balance, I felt a calling to coaching. It felt very natural to what I was already doing, hearing out close friends and family so it leads to possibilities. Getting certified felt the next natural progression. 


I got certified as a Life Coach from Life Purpose Institute (LPI). They are an Accredited Coach Training (ACTP) Program with the International Coach Federation (ICF), an umbrella organization for coaching organizations and professionals. 


The tools, processes and philosophy I trained for, through the LPI coaching process reinforced my determination.


I am constantly educating myself about new holistic strategies to prevent & reduce stress, and re-gain more equanimity in my life. I like to borrow from the powers of intention, mindfulness, compassion, and the fearlessness of letting go, what doesn't serve us anymore, to reach forward.


Untying some chains to move forward, easier said than done, right? Not with the right help.


Currently, I live with my loving family in the North Fulton suburbs of Atlanta, USA. I strive to strike the right balance in my own life everyday using the same tools as I mentioned above. I love spending time with my family and friends. At the same time, I would feel lost without practicing yoga, cooking healthy meals, gardening, reading and listening to music on a very regular basis. 


I also like to create on my own, this website is homegrown with tons of support from my best well-wishers.


Philosophy/Mission Statement~

Researchers have suggested that we are in a sandwich generation, that is feeling pressurized between taking care of their work, parents, kids, health issues, external pressures to keep up, not able to find time and energy to take care of themselves or their relationships, not realizing that if we don’t, the insides of the so called sandwich will burst open.

Also, Sheryl Sandberg (executive leader from Google, Facebook and more) has observed in her book Lean In, the issue is more defined for women as they struggle to multi-task as caregivers on top of everything and end up with emotional, mental, physical and even financial issues.

As a woman myself who shifted her own life to align with her values and priorities, I understand the challenges and the beliefs to be overcome to pursue our purpose and passions. I believe that finding my peace and purpose lies in helping my fellow humans find theirs.

I believe in the philosophy that every other living being deserves to be and has a moral right to respect, love and happiness. So that in turn they becomes a energy star in their own right emitting their own energy of happiness to spread to others.


Everyone is traveling their own journey their own way. Sometimes a little guidance from a trained and experienced coach can go a long way.


My promise to you, there will be no judgement, no rush, no lofty preachy monologue, just a little helping hand to discover your unique abilities, skills and strengths by having some liberating two-way discussions. The Life Coaching process by it's very nature should be unique to every individual. I use the empowering skills and tools/processes not only from what I have learnt from my training as a Life Coach but I also like to rely on the powers of mindfulness, compassion and intention, a more holistic and grounded approach.


For now, I have dedicated my time to the effort of helping others on their journey, towards finding this elusive balance between fulfillment, peace and happiness.





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