7 Simple Steps to be the Champion of Change!

7 simple steps to enjoy our unpredictable journeys (underlined words/phrases are links to extra help):

  • Pay attention to how your body reacts to any change or challenge. Our bodies are genetically engineered for fight or flight responses to living in an unpredictable life in the wild. Unfortunately, the resistance backfires in this fast changing world creating anxiety. What's that quote about the only thing that's constant is change? I wanted to run away to a monastery when summer vacation started since my schedule (and so my peace) got thrown out the window.

  • It's actually more productive to accept and respond with a calm mind. Goals and dreams don't have to be abandoned but can be incorporated and embraced into the new normal. Instead of stressing about the transition, if we patiently observe and grab the opportunities that present themselves, we can avoid a lot of heartbreak. Did you know video games are a great baby sitter (wink wink)? So are play dates, camps, pool time and night time.

  • Prioritize your tasks and goals on a daily or weekly basis, weeding out any unnecessary ones, re-prioritizing existing ones. I deliberately planned to scale down my work to spend more time with my fast growing kids and adjust to the activities. But some days I let them watch a lot of TV, a LOT. Please don't forward this to the parenting police.

  • Keep track of your progress and celebrate small successes regularly. A stroll in fresh air after a stressful task (read tantrums), a chat with a non-judgmental friend or a Dove dark chocolate after a challenging call/meeting (meal negotiations) is free therapy too.