The Power of Pause!

It's officially summer in North America and the kids are home for summer break! That means my routine has run out the door again!!

This time I had armed myself with a pep talk to pause and reflect why I quit a full time job, before getting frustrated on my disrupted routine, again.

Though, it feels like I have to remind myself every day and every moment. It's quite a struggle since we are living in an age where a normal non-goal life is considered unsuccessful!

Here is an interesting read on being happy with leading a mediocre life, so relatable in this age and time of social media.

A few weeks back, as we were driving through the gorgeous and dramatic landscape of countryside California, I felt a little peace in my soul. It made me reflect on how everyone needs to slow down, pause and break from routines to reflect on why we pursue those goals so fervently.

Here is an article on how slowing down can help you stay ahead, the tortoise per se!