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Hope and Peace


the gift of love,

the gift of peace,

the gift of hope,

the gift of happiness,

be yours today &


It feels like 2017 flew by even though some days with all it's turmoil filled news would feel like the world is coming to an end but not the day!

I have hope that 2018 will bring changes abundant with love, hope and peace.

This quote caught my eye and I feel it is so perfect for this time of the year when we inevitably end up reflecting on the year gone by, sometimes not very kindly. It is my intention to be more accepting and surrendering to the flow of life except when I hit some "rocks" then I will try to go high and jump over them :)

It has been a wonderful year with the women's support group meetings, I have had the honor of facilitating at the local Fulton county libraries. We have become a community and if you are local, I invite you to join our giving circle. Click here for more details.

Starting this month, I will have a theme for each month at the NESO location. Please contact me, If you would be interested to be on the reminder email.

Thank YOU to each and everyone of you for supporting me in 2017!

Let's continue the journey in 2018!!

Wishing you all a very peaceful 2018 from our family to yours!

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