Own this year and beyond! (blog and meeting opportunity)

I hope your new year and decade are off to a great start! Wishing you all the happiest, most peaceful new year and beyond!

I remember who I was at the dawn of this millennium and gosh I have changed so much, mentally, emotionally and physically too, in a good way! I feel I am more stronger and peaceful even with everything that has happened and is still happening, personally & globally!

And to my pleasant surprise, I can see the amazing change in my kids too! I feel I have a connection with them and they are thriving! And that's one big victory considering one of them is a teen and another a tween. I now truly believe that our children learn more from our actions than our talk. All the more reason to take care of ourselves, don't you think?

Humans are social animals and this has never been so obvious at this time and generation, in spite of and despite the "social" media. Loss of community and loneliness is a prevalent issue that percolates down to how we communicate with our family, friends, ourselves (yes, what we tell ourselves) and everyone else.

Some of the responsibilities that overwhelm women in today's generation:

1. taking care of home

2. taking care of family

3. under pressure to be "more"

4. the "shoulds" that society follows blindly

5. and then our bodies start changing and bam, it can be very overwhelming.

I know it because I am dealing with it too!

Sometimes even with the family & friends circle, you might not have the non-judgmental listener and relentless motivator that you might need, especially at this point in life.