Hi everyone, I am sorry I dropped off for a while there.

Needed the time and energy to process the changing scenario almost every single day since March!

What an emotional roller coaster it has been for everyone - no matter what age you are and it's not even close to over yet! I hope you find a little relief and solace in my words...

For the children - I can't imagine what they must have gone through to suddenly not be able to see their friends and teachers or pursue their favorite activities. Missing out big holidays and milestones like birthdays and graduations isn't easy as a child. So when they act up try to understand their perspective. Here is a link from CDC for more information and resources.

For the young adults- the job and economic scene has created enormous uncertainties. Goals that they might have worked towards for years must have vanished off the face of the earth. That can feel very defeating!

The older generation is so afraid that they are exhibiting symptoms of PTSD. They are going to need a lot of support.

And some of us who are middle aged - already caught between the needs of young children and growing parents are so torn that they