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Resolutions and Revolutions(the internal kinds)!

Greetings everyone,

I had intended to publish this blog in mid-January. I did get started but I got stalled by all the seismic events last month.

The end of a very turbulent 2016, all around the world and the shorter days of winter can leave some of us in a state of gloom and doom, especially so in this age of instant news and social media! Fans of the Indian cricket team and/or Falcons and/or Patriots fans might be the exception :)

We have the power to refocus the lens of our lives so we can frame a more positive perspective in our view. A smile, a kind word given and taken, listening to music, appreciating sunny days, reading positive news stories, reciting prayers or affirmations, making a list of blessings, pursuing hobbies, cracking knock-knock jokes with the kids and literally stopping to smell the roses are some easy and free ways to shift our focus.

Using the same power of pause and attention, we can create meaningful goals and intentions for the new year. Here is a small fun exercise to put the year in perspective. Try it with the kids and be ready to be surprised. Mine had TV and Minecraft on their list of "3 Things to be Thankful for", I guess they know exactly where they get their joys from :))

Health and wellness goals are on top of everyone's minds during the change of the year but less than 10% of people achieve them. Here is a list of easy and practical health tips from a doctor: Keep Things Simple for a Healthy Long Life.

We also have to pay attention to the fact that, to add or start something new, we have to let go of what is holding us back. We do practice kindness and compassion towards others but how many times do we do the same to ourselves? Forgive, let go and untie the chains of your past to move forward.

Can you think of one belief that might be preventing you from expressing yourself without restraint and live your full joyful life? I get to see a revolution when I ask my 8 year old son to stop playing Minecraft after a certain time. The next time you want to have more out of life, ask yourself if you are ready to begin a non-violent & non-obedient revolution with your most withholding belief?

Hint: We don't have to wait till New Year's permission to change any part of your life you are not happy with.

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