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Take 5 from Fall Festival Fun

Fall signifies a time of season change and kicks off a slew of festivals for a lot of cultures. Festivals bring fun, food, family and friends together, a time of community and connection, time for healing and strengthening bonds.

I want to stretch this joy into the smaller days of winter, so I am making a few notes. Can you share a few of your festival fun tips in the comments section below? What are some of the highlights for you?

1. To me food = festive. I can't afford to gorge on the sweets everyday anymore (sigh!) but maybe make/buy the special foods, a bit more often, and feel the joy.

2. Rituals and traditions like lighting a candle and/or incense stick and singing a special hymn/prayer from my childhood can sure peel back time to simpler and oh-so joyful times. Or maybe a special game that you play, poker anyone? Their are numerous studies that have proved that taking a few moments from our busy day to do something close to our hearts has the ability to bring a sense of joy and peace.

3. Nothing makes the festivals more festive than meeting up with close family and friends (especially girlfriends :) to make memories. My kids have suggested that we need to start celebrating half birthdays. Maybe your family can come up with creative ideas and excuses too. In my opinion, every time we meet friends should be an occasion to celebrate and create more cherished memories.

4. Do you adorn your home with special décor/clothing/jewelry during the festivals? Change and novelty can bring new energy. How about bringing out the silver more often or maybe special place mats/table cover. Even a single visual change can bring new zeal and vigor to the environment. Instead of buying new things, we can move them around or exchange them with loved ones, you will get the same dopamine boost.

5. Bringing awareness to the small joys attracts more. Can you think of 5 everyday things/activities that you can be thankful for? The attitude of gratitude beats stress too. Mine are chocolates(the dark kind), sweet and salty fried food, tea and some soul-stirring music. These my friends is my survival gear, it is above and beyond everything else ;)

Your turn. What is your favorite way to bring back fun and joy?

Wishing you all season's greetings blessed with your kind of happiness.

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